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CR (brno) zatial vedie, hlasujte!! :)

In summer 2019 during FAB15 Egypt, Tomas, the manager of FabLab Brno, had an enthusiastic conversation with Marc from FabLab Leuven about what FabLabs really need, how to attract the general public and how to provide a high value for the partners and stakeholders. During the conversation Marc teased Tomas with the idea of organization of the annual FABx Conference in the Czech Republic. The idea sounded really ambitious, but was still resonating when Tomas came back home. It didn’t last very long and FabLab Brno joined the forces with Make More, a team of maker movement enthusiast, and started the process leading to this moment – the application for FAB2024 organized in the Czech Republic.

The key point leading to the decision to pitch this year was recognizing that for the team and the Czech Republic, the Conference is not just about one event, but about accelerating the whole national maker movement, about raising awareness at the top level of decision making in both private and public spheres and making the stakeholders support the operation of existing and establishment of new Fab Labs, maker spaces, projects, events and other initiatives.

The theme reMoving Boundaries naturally originated from many team conversations about what we want to achieve. Why? The Fab Conference has never been organized in the Central or East Europe. In July 2020, there are 770 Fab Labs registered in the Western Europe and only 122 in the rest of the continent. We are convinced there is a great chance to change that and reMove not only the boundaries between the West and the East, but also many others.