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The pressure to constantly learn, grow new skills, and hustle to make an impact is high in emerging technologies. Emerging technologies like augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning are constantly evolving and combining, placing new demands on the people who make them.

Mozilla’s mission is to ensure an internet that’s open and accessible to all. As emerging technologies push the internet into new form factors, the importance of diversity and inclusion in emerging technologies cannot be overstated.

Our effort is defined by the pressure to hustle as we experience it in Silicon Valley and around the world. We also find ourselves in a profound moment with respect to women’s power and representation in workplaces. Our focus on women and gender non-binary folks in 2018 was shaped by events in the San Francisco Bay Area: the loss of safe maker spaces and the activist energy that led high-tech employees to walk off the job. This environment also framed our desired impact: open new opportunities for women from diverse age ranges and backgrounds to work and learn in emerging technology. In doing so we prepare them to pay it forward in the companies they join, the people they mentor and the innovation they create.

We offer this toolkit as a perspective on what’s needed for real human connection among people struggling to learn and make it, not only in California, but around the world. This model is powerful and replicable. With physical gathering space and community as our guides, we are using mixed reality to design the future communities we want to see: the same intimate connections will be possible at a distance. Looking out 10, 20, 30 years we hope virtual spaces will dismantle the privileges associated with geographical location.