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toto som videl jak decko jebnute a mal som nocne mory asi pol roka

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ja som to zazil s Moontrap. Nasi mi potom nechceli dovolit pozerat ani Indiana Jones a chram skazy, pretoze sa bali, ze to zasa spusti dlhe obdobie nespavych a prestrasenych noci.

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to si musím pozrieť. ku mne sa dostala kazeta s filmom necronomicon. ani som to nedopozeral, zosratý som bol až za ušami

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to je skvela pripomienk! uz dlhsie sa pohravam s myslienkou zacat zaradom pozerat filmy s Jeffrey Combs...

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ma to paradne prakticke efekty uplne nunu a pritom lovestory

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To je z čoho

アoレム尺 oアアo丂ノイノo刀

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Nice diky

アoレム尺 oアアo丂ノイノo刀

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crispr home kit gone wrong?

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take medzery zas nemam

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Marcus Wohlsen - Biopunk: Solving Biotech's Biggest Problems in Kitchens and Garages

prehlad diy bio hnutia zo zaciatku dekady pre-crispr s pribehmi o vyznamnych outsideroch z historie biologie, magazinovy clanok kniznej dlzky idealny na zrychlene vypocutie http://audiobookbay.nl/audio-books/biopunk-solving-biotechs-biggest-problems-in-kitchens-and-garages-marcus-wohlsen/

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A Biopunk Manifesto by Meredith Patterson from Sophia Michelle Andren on Vimeo.

Scientific literacy is necessary for a functioning society in the modern age. Scientific literacy is not science education. A person educated in science can understand science; a scientifically literate person can *do* science. Scientific literacy empowers everyone who possesses it to be active contributors to their own health care, the quality of their food, water, and air, their very interactions with their own bodies and the complex world around them.

Society has made dramatic progress in the last hundred years toward the promotion of education, but at the same time, the prevalence of citizen science has fallen. Who are the twentieth-century equivalents of Benjamin Franklin, Edward Jenner, Marie Curie or Thomas Edison? Perhaps Steve Wozniak, Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard or Linus Torvalds -- but the scope of their work is far narrower than that of the natural philosophers who preceded them. Citizen science has suffered from a troubling decline in diversity, and it is this diversity that biohackers seek to reclaim. We reject the popular perception that science is only done in million-dollar university, government, or corporate labs; we assert that the right of freedom of inquiry, to do research and pursue understanding under one's own direction, is as fundamental a right as that of free speech or freedom of religion. We have no quarrel with Big Science; we merely recall that Small Science has always been just as critical to the development of the body of human knowledge, and we refuse to see it extinguished.

Research requires tools, and free inquiry requires that access to tools be unfettered. As engineers, we are developing low-cost laboratory equipment and off-the-shelf protocols that are accessible to the average citizen. As political actors, we support open journals, open collaboration, and free access to publicly-funded research, and we oppose laws that would criminalize the possession of research equipment or the private pursuit of inquiry.

Perhaps it seems strange that scientists and engineers would seek to involve themselves in the political world -- but biohackers have, by necessity, committed themselves to doing so. The lawmakers who wish to curtail individual freedom of inquiry do so out of ignorance and its evil twin, fear -- the natural prey and the natural predator of scientific investigation, respectively. If we can prevail against the former, we will dispel the latter. As biohackers it is our responsibility to act as emissaries of science, creating new scientists out of everyone we meet. We must communicate not only the value of our research, but the value of our methodology and motivation, if we are to drive ignorance and fear back into the darkness once and for all.

We the biopunks are dedicated to putting the tools of scientific investigation into the hands of anyone who wants them. We are building an infrastructure of methodology, of communication, of automation, and of publicly available knowledge.

Biopunks experiment. We have questions, and we don't see the point in waiting around for someone else to answer them. Armed with curiosity and the scientific method, we formulate and test hypotheses in order to find answers to the questions that keep us awake at night. We publish our protocols and equipment designs, and share our bench experience, so that our fellow biopunks may learn from and expand on our methods, as well as reproducing one another's experiments to confirm validity. To paraphrase Eric Hughes, "Our work is free for all to use, worldwide. We don't much care if you don't approve of our research topics." We are building on the work of the Cypherpunks who came before us to ensure that a widely dispersed research community cannot be shut down.

Biopunks deplore restrictions on independent research, for the right to arrive independently at an understanding of the world around oneself is a fundamental human right. Curiosity knows no ethnic, gender, age, or socioeconomic boundaries, but the opportunity to satisfy that curiosity all too often turns on economic opportunity, and we aim to break down that barrier. A thirteen-year-old kid in South Central Los Angeles has just as much of a right to investigate the world as does a university professor. If thermocyclers are too expensive to give one to every interested person, then we'll design cheaper ones and teach people how to build them.

Biopunks take responsibility for their research. We keep in mind that our subjects of interest are living organisms worthy of respect and good treatment, and we are acutely aware that our research has the potential to affect those around us. But we reject outright the admonishments of the precautionary principle, which is nothing more than a paternalistic attempt to silence researchers by inspiring fear of the unknown. When we work, it is with the betterment of the community in mind -- and that includes our community, your community, and the communities of people that we may never meet. We welcome your questions, and we desire nothing more than to empower you to discover the answers to them yourselves.

The biopunks are actively engaged in making the world a place that everyone can understand. Come, let us research together.

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intro workshopy za par eur

 acidmilk      17.05.2019 - 14:27:14 , level: 2, UP   NEW
vybral si si nejaky? ktora z tych tem teba osobne najviac zaujima?

 aufhebung      17.05.2019 - 20:55:43 , level: 3, UP   NEW
kurz premeny na mexickeho svaba

 pht      17.05.2019 - 15:40:49 , level: 3, UP   NEW
kofein samozrejme 0_0 ale aj ten vitamin cocktail, taste a chronobiologia, vsetky vlastne vyzeraju tak privetivo zaujimavo spracovane

inac skupinova registracia je od 8 ludi a vo FAQ pisu

What language are the courses held in?
The regular course language is German. Courses for individual visitors are always held in German. Courses for groups can be conducted by English-speaking tutors as well. However, in case you would like the course being carried out in English, please contact us in advance or write a comment in the „message“ field of the registration form. Please be aware that not all of our handouts and protocols are available in English.

takze tam je sanca na fajn studijny vylet keby to este zaujalo par dalsich

 jonas      17.05.2019 - 17:40:03 , level: 4, UP   NEW
ratajte so mnou :)

 acidmilk      17.05.2019 - 16:15:09 , level: 4, UP   NEW
na vitaminy alebo kofein by som sa nechal mozno nahovorit.
aj taste vyzera zaujimavo, ale aj o kus zlozitejsie asi.

 jonas      17.05.2019 - 14:42:14 , level: 3, UP   NEW
mna ten kofeinovy

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EGF Design and Build is a project of the Edinburgh Genome Foundry to simplify the discovery and use of different assembly standards (such as EMMA, MoClo, Cyanogate), and to provide a simple portal to order constructs from the Foundry.

EGF DAB is open source and the code is on Github. It is part of the EGF Codons collection of open-source software for DNA assembly and Synthetic Biology.

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 himself      09.05.2019 - 12:25:55 [4K] , level: 2, UP   NEW
Toto je monumentálne vypatlaný čurák. Aby niekoho mohol niečo naučiť, tak by najskôr sám musel niečo vedieť. Ja som si až doteraz myslel, že je to iba klasický ignorant čo nevie čítať, ale po dopozeraní tohoto mám pocit, že je aj ľahko mentálne retardovaný.

Tento prijebanec sa pred pár rokmi "geneticky modifikoval" tak, že si na kožu z ktorej predtým "odstránil" epitel lepiacou páskou napipetoval mikroliter plazmidovej vodičky z addgene. Z tohoto historického momentu máme samozrejme aj videjko, takže teraz každý sa môže geneticky modifikovať ako to spravil tento pionier, inovátor a v neposledfnom rade učiteľ. Prométeus si zahanbený v kúte zbiera kúsky pečene.

Toto keď pozerá človek s aspoň kúskom príčetnosti tak musí mať chuť mu tú hypodermálku natlačiť to očnej bulvy a zlomiť v polovici.

binary riot
 binary riot      09.05.2019 - 13:02:29 , level: 3, UP   NEW
mohol by si to rozviest pls?

 himself      09.05.2019 - 15:19:52 (modif: 09.05.2019 - 15:28:27) [12K] , level: 4, UP   NEW !!CONTENT CHANGED!!
Ja s tým mám dva veľké problémy a bohužiaľ toto nie je prípad kedy dve negatíva vrátia jedno pozitívum.

1) Je to hlupák čo nemá tušenie čo robí

Názov videa hovorí o tom ako učí ľudí o CRISPR. Keď sa pozrieš na jeho kanál tak nikde nehovorí o tom čo ten systém je, odkiaľ pochádza, ako funguje, čo o ňom vieme a čo nevieme, čo dokáže a hlavne nikde nerozpráva o tom aké jeho použitie so sebou nesie riziká. Aspoň ja by som čakal že toto budú témy, ktorým sa niekto kto chce niekoho učiť o technológii, bude venovať. Už len na tom youtube môžeš nájsť desiatky videí kde o CRISPR rozprávajú ľudia ktorí tomu naozaj rozumejú. Tí ľudia tú tému ale nezneužívajú na propagáciu svojho mojo, tak potom to asi s verejnosťou až tak nerezonuje.

Keď si tie jeho inštruktážne videá ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imTXcEh79lw ) pozrie niekto kto videl aspoň dva diely z “bol raz jeden život”, tak musí plakať. V tom videu si kvapol na kožu roztok plasmidu kódujúceho fluorescenčný proteín a bol prekvapený, keď mu z toho nezačala svietiť ruka. To by bola koža dosť mizerný ochranný orgán keby takto ľahko cez seba pustila DNA z miliardy rokov vzdialeného organizmu. Ono teda na heterologickú expresiu génu netreba byť žiadny guru. Stačí nebyť vypatlaný tupec a tento chlapec bohužiaľ túto podmienku nespĺňa. Keď je toto niekto schopný spraviť, natočiť a zverejniť tak je dosť otázne že či je v jeho silách niekoho niečo naučiť.

2) Nedostatok rešpektu voči objektu štúdia.

Jeho youtube kanal obsahuje videá ako “how to biohack your dog” či dokonca “biohack the planet”. Na začiatku toho videa pchá ihlu do žaby a injektuje do nej ktovie čo. Neviem že či len ja som prehnane senzitívny, ale mne je z toho na grcanie. Experimenty na zvieratách sú vo vede prísne regulované a každý jeden musíš vedieť zdôvodniť. Rovnako dôležité je vedieť sa biohazard materiálu bezpečne zbaviť. Vie niečo z toho tento tĺk, keď podľa všetkého netuší ani o existencii jadrovej membrány? Tuto ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6wStSTgm-Q ) majster rozpráva o tom, že chce geneticky upraviť psa aby mu v tme svetielkoval lebo si myslí že by to mohlo byť cool. O zdravie toho psa sa neobávam, lebo metóda je samozrejme zlá. Trápi ma ale ten mindset že niekto si myslí že je dobrý nápad upravovať genetickú identitu živých bytostí bez akéhokoľvek vyššieho cieľa len tak lebo sa to dá.

Ja chápem že téma genetickej modifikácie ľudí priťahuje, sám som sa na biológiu dal z podobného dôvodu. Len teda o viac ako desať rokov neskôr stále nemám pocit že viem toho dosť na to aby som mohol biohackovať črievičky, nie ešte psov, ľudí či dokonca planétu. Naopak, čím viac toho viem tým mám silnejší pocit, že najlepšie bude keď zostaneme pri tom, že sa budeme snažiť živým systémom predovšetkým porozumieť a nie ich meniť. Ja osobne poznám pár z tých ľudí, ktorí stáli pri objavení potenciálu CRISPR meniť genómy a aj keď sa snažia to predstierať, osobne neverím tomu, že sú si plne vedomí toho aké ďalekosiahle dôsledky to môže mať. To sú všetko ľudia čo tomuto profesionálne venovali kariéry. Potom keď vidím ignoranciu a naivitu týchto chlapcov na internete, tak mi je z toho naozaj smutno.

No a čo sa toho jeho legendárneho “CRISPR kitu”, ktorý má ľuďom umožniť experimentovať v garážach týka - tie veci sa všetky dajú zohnať na ebay za pár korún. Každý labák je rád keď sa im podarí tých vecí zbaviť. Ja som všetkými desiatimi za to nech sa ľudia doma hrajú a experimentujú. Nech to ale robia s rešpektom a ten rešpekt ich tento buran určite naučiť nedokáže.

 pht      09.05.2019 - 15:58:20 , level: 5, UP   NEW
tie jeho prednasky ako aj to video vyssie su popularizacne, a suhlasim ze z vedeckeho hladiska vyzeraju asi dost zle, ale keby bol uplny diletant, mohol by mat g. churcha ako poradcu a hosta v biohacking 101 online kurze co predava?

ohladom tych zab, daval som uz nizsie http://www.the-odin.com/frog-ge-kit/
juicin frogs

- IGF-1(Insulin like Growth Factor 1) gene therapy that causes increase production of growth hormone. The frogs that are treated with the FLEEB injection will increase in size and weight.

-The kit requires purchasers to take a safety quiz before the kit is shipped to make sure individuals understand how to handle and work with the animals. All protocols and procedures follow or improve upon recommendations from the NIH Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals where appropriate.

 didaktikskalica      09.05.2019 - 16:59:19 , level: 6, UP   NEW
Current Stock: Out of stock

 čo      09.05.2019 - 16:58:05 , level: 6, UP   NEW
The kit requires purchasers to take a safety quiz before the kit is shipped to make sure individuals understand how to handle and work with the animals.


 pht      09.05.2019 - 17:03:51 , level: 7, UP   NEW
lol je tam jedine volba vyrazu 'quiz'