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Principles and practices, Hardware
Ethics and safety are essential considerations throughout (and beyond!) this class. We also look at hardware for biology, and how to build it.

Next generation syntesis
Synthetic oligonucleotides (oligos) enable us to assemble novel DNA sequences or create copies of existing genes.

Synthetic minimal cells
In this class we will discuss what is a synthetic cell, what are they good for, and how to make them.

Bio molecule sensors
Create and use biological sensors and look at computational protein modeling.

FISSEQ and Expansion Microscopy
In this class, we will discuss the rationale for developing measurement technologies ("read") to complement these engineering tools ("write")

Synthetic Development Biology
In this class we will discuss the biomimetic paradigm for tissue engineering (i.e. how to mimic developmental biology so as to grow tissues in the laboratory).

Genome engineering
Genome Design. Challenges of making multiple changes at once. Safety and containment considerations.

DNA paint
Follding DNA into whatever shape you like? Learn how to use caDNAno and in this class about DNA nanostructures.

Gene drives
Learn about human-designed technologies minimize interactions to enable modularity; genetic circuits evolved to promote a complex web of interactions that inhibit modular design

Gut Microbiome
Design and build devices to simulate part of the human microbiome.

3D Bioprinting
In the biofabrication and additive manufacturing module we will discuss how we can use naturally derived materials for making and building.

Bio Production
How does engineering in biology differ from engineering in other fields? Learn what design principles can be applied to microbes, which are products of evolution.

Bio Design
DNA modification is fundamental to design in synthetic biology. For this week's assignment, you will learn to read DNA sequence files and see physical changes you will make to DNA molecules.