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 evad      06.08.2020 - 14:22:30 [5K] , level: 1, UP   NEW
EVA Air introduces special flight to nowhere on a Hello Kitty plane

 andread      06.08.2020 - 16:16:00 , level: 2, UP   NEW
A včom je problém?
Veď je to rozkošné.

 evad      06.08.2020 - 17:22:17 , level: 3, UP   NEW
jj, je to krasne

 andread      06.08.2020 - 18:08:26 (modif: 06.08.2020 - 18:13:45), level: 4, UP   NEW !!CONTENT CHANGED!!
to malo ist pod binaru ;) ale asi by to nemalo zmysel

 dudel      06.08.2020 - 16:12:25 , level: 2, UP   NEW
lol, musi jebat :)))

binary riot
 binary riot      06.08.2020 - 14:37:09 , level: 2, UP   NEW
morons.. seriously

 aufhebung      16.07.2020 - 09:30:05 , level: 1, UP   NEW

Wealth begets wealth. And more wealth begets more income. A very small elite owns the means of production and finance and that is how they usurp the lion’s share and more of the wealth and income.

And a study by two economists at the Bank of Italy found that the wealthiest families in Florence today are descended from the wealthiest families of Florence nearly 600 years ago! So the same families are still at the top of the wealth pile starting from the rise of merchant capitalism in the city states of Italy through the expansion of industrial capitalism and now in the world of finance capital..

And talking of the shockingly high inequality of wealth in ‘egalitarian’ Sweden, new research from there reveals that good genes don’t make you a success but family money, or marrying into it, does. People are not rich because they are smarter or better educated. It is because they are either ‘lucky’ and/or inherited their wealth from their parents or relatives (like Donald Trump).

Researchers found that “wealth is highly correlated between parents and their children” and “Comparing the net wealth of adopted and biological parents and that of the adopted child, we find that, even prior to any inheritance, there is a substantial role for environment and a much smaller role for pre-birth factors.” The researchers concluded that “wealth transmission is not primarily because children from wealthier families are inherently more talented or more able but that, even in relatively egalitarian Sweden, wealth begets wealth.”

So Marx’s prediction 150 years ago that capitalism would lead to greater concentration and centralisation of wealth, in particular in the means of production and finance, is borne out. Contrary to the optimism and apologia of the mainstream economists, poverty (in wealth and income) for billions around the world remains the norm with little sign of improvement, while inequality of wealth and income within the major capitalist economies increases as capital is accumulated and concentrated in ever smaller groups. The work of Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman has also shown that, in the US, wealth has become increasingly concentrated in the hands of the super-rich.

Moreover, wealth inequality has risen, mainly as the result of the increased concentration and centralisation of productive assets in the capitalist sector. The real wealth concentration is expressed in the fact that big capital (finance and business) controls the investment, employment and financial decisions of the world. A dominant core of 147 firms through interlocking stakes in others together control 40% of the wealth in the global network according to the Swiss Institute of Technology. A total of 737 companies control 80% of it all. This is the inequality that matters for the functioning of capitalism – the concentrated power of capital.

What that means is that policies aimed at reducing inequality of income by taxation and regulation, or even by boosting workers’ wages, will not achieve much impact while there is such a high level of inequality of wealth. And that inequality of wealth stems from the concentration of the means of production and finance in the hands of a few. While that ownership structure remains untouched, taxes on wealth will fall short too.

 aufhebung      10.07.2020 - 17:58:21 , level: 1, UP   NEW

 aufhebung      09.07.2020 - 10:16:02 , level: 1, UP   NEW
The billing department of a hospital USUALLY sends the unpaid hospital bill out to a 3rd party collection agency by ACTIVELY selling the account. This means LARGER agencies buy the entire medical bill at a fixed discount price (usually HALF to 75% of the original bill) which THEN gets farmed out to collection agents who receive simple wages and a bonus if they get the account taken care of.

The agencies are quite aggressive and can get a court case started so as to garnish wages, seize vehicles, homes and other property. Unfortunately in 2020, because of a bad turn of events due to recent court cases giving MORE POWER to collection agencies, they can now file a default judgement court case in ANOTHER jurisdiction that is many states away from where the defendant lives. The defendant can't or doesn't show up to their hearing because they're broke and cannot afford to travel to another state to attend court or they never receive a summons due to moving.

The judge THEN sets a default judgement for the full amount plus costs and extra lawyer and case handling fees for the plaintiff collection agency which then turns the typical $25,000 U.S. hospital bill into a $40,000+ U.S. court judgement.

The collection agency then SITS on the judgement for a few weeks/months and goes BACK to the judge in the other state and gets a DEFAULT non-payment judgement because the debtor hasn't paid their bills and THEN the collection agency asks for a Bench Warrant for the Defendant's ARREST (which is USUALLY granted!) due to non-payment and/or failure to appear at a court hearing!

The defendant then gets visited by BOUNTY HUNTERS or the local county Sheriff for arrest and extradition to the out-of-state court. NOW the defendant gets HAMMERED with an actual Misdemeanor and/or Felony charge ON TOP of their bill and they either goto county jail for 3 to 6 months for failure to pay or failure to appear.

After the jail time the defendant get their probation-after-release conditions administered by a private BAIL/RELEASE provisions company which will add an ANOTHER $10,000 US to pay their costs. Your total bill now BALLOONS to $50,000 US and more!

This usually finally forces you to insolvency BUT since it was a criminal-based COURT JUDGEMENT (i.e. not a CIVIL case!) where Bankruptcy doesn't count as a defense against non-payment, they can now FORCE YOU TO PAY so you will either GO BACK TO JAIL because you can't pay or you get FORCED to pay it all off by legal assignment of your ENTIRE paycheque to your court-ordered creditors who usually take about 35% up to as much as 65% of your monthly pay to pay off the ENTIRE of your now GREATLY BALLOONED hospital bill. You then get what's left over and are expected to live off that and they literally tell you to SOD OFF if you complain!

Since county jail is REALLY REALLY NASTY for those 3 to 6 months, most people end up losing their jobs, getting evicted and end up living on the streets and EVENTUALLY end up BACK in jail once ANOTHER Bench Warrant is granted for their arrest for ANOTHER failure to pay judgement.

The collection company don't care because they will then GROUP an entire set of delinquent accounts and SELL IT OFF to ANOTHER collection agency which will do ANOTHER set of financial squeezes on the parties involved. They will HOUND by phone, foot and mail any and all brothers, sisters, moms, dads, older children, grandparents of the debtor and visit employers of the debtor's relatives to GET THE RELATIVES SO SCARED FOR THEIR JOBS that they will pay the defendant's delinquent hospital bills! MANY DO because if the collection agencies make too many phone calls and visits to the employers those relatives TEND to get threatened with firing (i.e. job loss) and so they cave in and pay off some or all of the debt.

They are RELENTLESS in the USA --- The collection agencies LEGALLY CAN HOUND YOU and your relatives until SOMEONE gives in because that someone WANTS to keep their job and not get fired because of the too-many collection agency phone calls and visits to employers!

(employers are ALLOWED to fire people for ANY reason in Right-to-Work states!) If the employer gets TIRED of all the phones calls/visits, that employee is just let go (i.e. fired!) Severence pay (if any!) is a mere two weeks pay AND most employers will try and put out what some states call a "Code-G" on your state's record of employment form which means you don't get unemployment Insurance. Employers get dinged BIG money if too many employees get UI, so many employers fight TOOTH AND NAIL to make sure you DO NOT get unemployment insurance! They will MAKE UP ANY FAKE REASON to ensure you they can put a "Fired With Cause" code on your record of employment!

This usually means DESPERATE EMPLOYEES take on the burdens of others so they can keep their livelihoods. Ergo, don't get sick or injured in the USA! You AND your relatives WILL get hounded day after day for years until SOMEONE caves and pays them off!

See this news article:

Welcome to Coffeyville, Kansas, where the judge has no law degree, debt collectors get a cut of the bail, and Americans are watching their lives — and liberty — disappear in the pursuit of medical debt collection:

 his name is alice      18.05.2020 - 15:31:20 [18K] , level: 1, UP   NEW  HARDLINK
Asi si budem musieť kúpiť nový telefón, tak som sa podujala na strastiplnú cestu hľadania nového obyvateľa môjho vrecka a mám z toho hlbokú depresiu.
Na kerú piču existuje 5218 modelov, ktoré sa líšia asi tak v 0.02s reakčnom čase na otvorenie foťáku? Celé ráno som strávila hrabaním sa v recenziách a som z toho ešte väčší kokot, ako som bola včera, nenávidím všetkých výrobcov elektroniky a mám chuť sa najebať.
Jak sa môže niekto živiť takýmito kokotinami, to fakt nechápem, dopiče. Rovno by som sa zastrelila.

Toľko k tomu môjmu stoicizmu.

 čo      13.05.2020 - 17:03:58 [3K] , level: 1, UP   NEW

 mirex      13.05.2020 - 19:23:06 , level: 2, UP   NEW
Fuck preto ze to niekto robi masovo, alebo fuck pre to ze to je biznis o babies?

Lebo v malom meritku sa to dialo aj pred sto rokmi, ze niekto niekomu vynosil alebo predal vlastne dieta za peniaze. Aspon tak sa to spomina v roznych dobovych romanoch.

Ked sa to centralizuje tak je to uz fuck? Aj keby sa tym zvysila kvalita rodicov aj tych deti?

Hmm, ale vlastne preco nie, istotne sa tak ludia kedysi pozerali aj na mlieko z tovarne, ze to je divne, nemoralne, okradacske, ked to nie je priamo od kravy...

 kredenc      14.05.2020 - 17:00:00 , level: 3, UP   NEW
Mozem potvrdit to predavanie v nedavnej minulosti. Brat mojej babky bol takto predany. Orava.

 ππ      14.05.2020 - 16:02:57 , level: 3, UP   NEW
keby sa tym zvysila kvalita rodicov aj tych deti


Papagaje mi uhynuli v 2015.

 evad      13.05.2020 - 20:12:50 [13K] , level: 3, UP   NEW
ako pise Mirka pritomnost vztahovej osoby (idealne matky) je v tomto obdobi kriticka, tie deti mozu mat nasledky na cely zivot vo forme poskodeneho emocneho vyvoja, mozno i neschopnosti sa k niekomu priputat (bude zalezat ako dlho zostanu v tejto situacii), je tam aj podnetova deprivacia, takze mozu mat oneskoreny aj zmyslovy vyvoj, proste cele zle.

 bashul      14.05.2020 - 13:48:35 , level: 4, UP   NEW
pockat. neschopnost sa k niekomu priputat je povazovane za negativny jav, resp. ako nieco neziaduce?

 mirex      14.05.2020 - 08:49:50 , level: 4, UP   NEW
Citam ze niektori z nas za sociku to mali asi podobne:

Keď sme prišli na svet hneď nás mame zobrali a uložili medzi ostatných na novorodenecké odd. a priniesli nás mamám iba v čase kojenia.

 kyberbubus      14.05.2020 - 16:09:04 , level: 5, UP   NEW
to vyzerá byť celkom v pohode. teraz v roku 2020 za posledný mesiac a pol mali matky v mnohých slovenských nemocniciach nonstop zakázaný prístup k svojim predčasne narodeným deťom. čiže po dobu mesiaca a pol ich mohli vidieť presne nula krát, hotovo, amen.


 lazyShepherd      14.05.2020 - 11:11:57 (modif: 14.05.2020 - 11:12:52), level: 5, UP   NEW !!CONTENT CHANGED!!
Napriklad po cisarskom im nic ine ani neostava.

Lenze to sa deje max par dni vacsinou sa caka na matku nez sa preberie ... hned ako sa zobudi prikladaju dieta, hned ako je matka schopna sa postavit na nohy a udrzi dieta daju ho jej ... dalsie dni je matka s deckom na izbe. Aspon tak to bolo na kramaroch teraz.

~ What a time to be alive... ~

binary riot
 binary riot      14.05.2020 - 11:48:52 , level: 6, UP   NEW
vacsina cisarskych sa deje pri vedomi

ja som bola sice v anesteze, ale vtedy dali babo mojmu muzovi a sedeli pri mne kym som sa nezobudila

 evad      14.05.2020 - 10:53:05 , level: 5, UP   NEW
ale bola tam stale ta ista matka, ktora dokonca realne kojila
uz to je velky rozdiel

 jank.a      14.05.2020 - 10:51:54 , level: 5, UP   NEW
za sociku sa robilo kadeco.
napr hospitalizovane deti nikdy neboli v sprievode rodica. ani pri dlhodobej hospitalizacii. a celkom frcalo take, ze deti rodicov pri navsteve nesmeli vidiet, lebo ze potom po ich odchode placu

 čo      13.05.2020 - 19:36:33 (modif: 13.05.2020 - 19:37:24), level: 3, UP   NEW !!CONTENT CHANGED!!
Fuck najmä pre to, že tie deti sú teraz bez vzťahovej osoby.
a áno, odokrýva to problémy surogátneho materstva špecificky spojené s tým, že sa deje za peniaze (a teda presúva do krajín s nižšou životnou úrovňou).

 evad      13.05.2020 - 18:12:01 (modif: 13.05.2020 - 18:16:26), level: 2, UP   NEW !!CONTENT CHANGED!!
to je strasne

E. este by ma zaujimalo kolko z tych rodin dieta odmietne prevziat s tym, ze uz je trvalo poskodene

 aufhebung      13.05.2020 - 17:29:57 , level: 2, UP   NEW
oni vyrabaju babätä?

 čo      13.05.2020 - 17:37:39 , level: 3, UP   NEW
sú to bábätá surogátnych matiek, ktoré si objednali cca za 10 000 dolárov zahraničné páry ešte pred pandémiou. teraz sú v "hoteloch" - de facto v "decáku" kým neskončí blackout alebo nedostanú ich rodičia výnimku k vstupu do (u)krajiny.

 aufhebung      27.04.2020 - 17:45:17 , level: 1, UP   NEW

 aufhebung      27.03.2020 - 10:33:30 [1K] , level: 1, UP   NEW

 čo      26.03.2020 - 21:26:46 [2K] , level: 1, UP   NEW
Amazon soliciting public donations to pay workers' sick leave

 toxygen      26.03.2020 - 13:56:18 , level: 1, UP   NEW

 aufhebung      20.03.2020 - 22:24:12 , level: 1, UP   NEW  HARDLINK

• Nationalize several of the largest banks—and unlike the nationalizations in Sweden in the 1990s and the UK a decade ago, they should not be undertaken with the idea of returning them to private ownership as quickly as possible, after the government eats the losses. They should be run on entirely different principles. Shareholders will whine, but without a state-led rescue, the value of their stock would fall close to 0 anyway.

• At the same time, severely rein in with an eye to abolishing, the shadow banking sector of private equity (PE) and hedge funds. PE has saddled companies with crippling levels of debt, which enrich their investors but put them at great risk of failure even in relatively good times. (A subset of PE, venture capital, can play a more constructive economic role, but it’s quite small: there was less than $10 billion in early-stage financing from the sector last year.) And hedge funds do little but destabilize markets. The goal should be to turn finance into something like a utility.

• There’s no reason the nationalized banks couldn’t be run to finance, for example, the Green New Deal (GND). Some of the GND will have to be financed with traditional tax- and bond-financed public spending, but there’s no reason these socialized banks couldn’t participate.

• Along with the nationalized banks, we should create something on the model of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, to finance the GND. It would be a publicly capitalized bank that would evaluate and fund projects like clean energy generation and new models of food production.

• This would be a propitious time to nationalize the oil and gas sector, undertaken with the idea of putting them out of business. We must move as quickly as possible to stop the use of fossil fuels, and as long as these entities exist, the political and economic obstacles to that necessity are nearly impossible to overcome. Because the price of oil has fallen so dramatically, the value of the major carbon producers has cratered. The five biggest US-based oil companies (Exxon Mobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Phillips 66, and Valero) have a combined market capitalization of under $350 billion, which is equal to about an eighth of JPMorgan Chase’s total assets and less than 2% of GDP. Again, shareholders will whine, but as the financial world wakes up to the inevitability of carbon’s obsolescence, the value of their investments will tend towards 0 anyway.

• Unlike earlier crises from the last few decades, this one is not centered in the financial sector. It’s in what Wall Street like to call the “real sector,” the world of production and labor most people live in. While finance will suffer serious losses in a sharp downturn, the goal of policy should be to prevent catastrophic failure. It will be unable to provide even the modest stimulus quantitative easing did during and just after the 2008 crisis. A real sector crisis requires a much more fiscally centered approach.

• The federal government must provide people with income support as they lose their jobs. It’s distressing that Republicans like Trump and Romney are talking about sending every American a check for $1,000 while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shot down a similar suggestion from former Obama economic adviser Jason Furman days earlier. This is a bare minimum. Why not $2,000? Unemployment insurance must be expanded (and a lot, as I show here), as must Medicaid, to take care of people who are about to lose their employer-provided health insurance.

• We also need to invest in the physical and social infrastructure of this country. For decades, civilian public investment net of depreciation has hovered just above 0, meaning that we’re doing little better than replacing things as they decay. This economic statistic can easily be confirmed just by walking around anywhere in the US outside our richest neighborhoods. We need massive investment in public infrastructure on the model of the New Deal, both to fight the slump and to make this country habitable for the bottom 80–90% of the population. That infrastructure investment must not simply be more of the same. It needs to be part of a conversion of an economy based on exploitation of workers and nature into something humane and sustainable.

• We also need to get now-unemployed auto workers back to work but building vehicles that don’t threaten life on earth. A model to think about was the proposal to transform a plant in Ontario GM closed into something more earth- and worker-friendly.

• Longer term, never has the need for Medicare for All been so clear. And the reason for that isn’t only the need of freeing people from the anxiety of not being able to pay for essential care, but also because there is little in the way of planning for the distribution of health care resources beyond what The Market demands. A major part of the reason the US is so unprepared to handle the coronavirus crisis is that hospitals are built and outfitted according to where the money is, not where the needs are. Hospitals in rural areas are broke and closing, and recently a hospital in Philadelphia that served a largely poor clientele was closed because it stood on land that developers would prefer to turn into condos. The pharmaceutical industry, which has for decades been turning publicly funded basic research into private profit based on its own priorities and not human need, must be wrestled to the ground.

 aufhebung      20.03.2020 - 21:22:17 (modif: 20.03.2020 - 21:33:25) [5K] , level: 1, UP   NEW  HARDLINK !!CONTENT CHANGED!!

Universal code literacy won’t solve our employment crisis any more than the universal ability to read and write would result in a full-employment economy of book publishing.

Let me ask you, how can you retrain a 50 yo trucker to be a Back-End programmer? How can you tweet #learntocode to a 55 yo cashier? It is a crime against humanity but this time it caused by corporations trying to move aside the unpredictable part of the equation — Us. No more sick leaves, no more PTO, no more maternity leaves. And COVID-19 just proved them how fragile humans are.

And it’s actually worse. A single computer program written by perhaps a dozen developers can wipe out hundreds of jobs. As the author and entrepreneur Andrew Keen has pointed out, digital companies employ 10 times fewer people per dollar earned than traditional companies. Every time a company decides to relegate its computing to the cloud, it’s free to release a few more IT employees.

“Designing ourselves out of the picture, little by little, scoffing at the idea that we’ll ever actually succeed at it. Playing a grand game of chicken, trying to push machines as close as possible to a complete set of human capabilities without getting so close that it begins to ask uncomfortable questions like “why am I working for you instead of myself”.”

The 1789 revolution happened because the people of France were growing increasingly more upset with treatment they received from the upper and royal classes, mainly due to special privileges. The 1917 was similar in cause. Families lived just above the subsistence level, and around 50 percent had a member who had left the village to find other work, often in the towns. As the central Russian population boomed, land became scarce. This way of life contrasted sharply with those of rich landowners, who held 20 percent of the land in large estates and were often members of the Russian upper class. source. The great depression of 1929 had only 8% of unemployment rate.

As you may see we are getting closer to the same causes as 200 years ago and 100 years ago. Rich getting richer and using automation to force “peons” out of work. 60% of Americans have less than 1000 USD in their savings Source and most are living from paycheck to paycheck in 2019. With this crisis unemployment in the US could soar from record low levels to 20% if strong action is not taken to tackle the coronavirus, said the US treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin. With 20% of the population laidoff it just proves to companies that they can exist without the worker.

You can’t compete with Automation and the will of greedy CEOs.

The percentage of jobs to be automated in the next 10 to 20 years is 70% for the low-skill jobs, 46% for the middle-skill level. And as we all know, most of the population works in these 2 categories and their wage didn’t grow since 1979 . At the moment there are just in the US, 3.5M truck drivers, 3.5M cashiers 3M clerks, 2.3M customer rep (that can and will be replaced by automation). Take the above unemployement rate and these 10M to 15M and their families (x3) so 45M–80M Americans without a salary. It’s 1/4th of the country. You have a revolution.

Even if all accountants, lawyers, clerks and truck drivers go for trade you can’t have 200 million plumber, electricians, and gardeners in the States… Let’s be real. The ONLY one to profit from it will be Bezos and his peers. Jeff Bezos abruptly cuts health benefits for nearly 2,000 part-time Whole Foods workers. They are just waiting in the starting blocks to start firing employees.