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...it gives insight into the state of mind John was in 2 years prior to his death, as well as their relationship with Boyd Rice and Death In June.... IIRC, Peter was the one who forwarded me the email, after John had sent it to him.

"gabriel Booyd is not homophobic.I cannot support Death in june anymore.I still talk to Boyd.He lets America reflect in himself.It IS complicated.He is the ultimate prankster.Social Dawinism is a dead end as far as I am conc3erned.I d o not like Dawin or his classification system.It is Victorian and wrong.Nature is a language.To qoute one of Morrrisssy/Smiths more profound lyrics.He probably stold it from somewhere else.ee.cumming at a guess.NEO nazism.Boyd winds people up.He is a really intelligent,fuuny and angry person.He hates it when people get rewarded for doing stupid things.So do I.He is a misthapropist.Doug is repeating learnt behavious again and agin. When I worked with him was a long time ago.I wish he would not be so hateful and stuck in the past.Then agin I have just repeated very stupid and dangerous behaviors agin.2 bottles of absinthe in a day.So I CAN SEE THE MODEL.ARE YOU GABRIEL the artist who writes to Simon Norriis.If you are your work is equal to Hans Belmer and I love it.Sory about typo's.I havn.t been to bed and its 11aqm.Due to more silly reactive behaviors.Sleazy and me split up 3 weeks ago.My new boyfriend is as crrul and boossy as me. Poor Sleazy.Im getting a taste of my own foul medecine.I have 20 years of apologies to atone for. HELP. John and Peter,"