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Dear professor,

I would also like to inform You that I have collected certain data supporting my hypothesis that Somic/Haomic rites could have involved, in one way or another, a plant called Phalaris Aquatica, since I have found stalks of Phalaris Aquatica growing in following places:

1) Eleusis - approx. a hundred meters from the temple of Demeter were preparation of kykeon was supposed to take place during antiquity

2) Yazd (and a small village Fahraj near Yazd)

3) Persepolis

4) Mary/Merv/Margiana

5) Termez [Kara-Tepa]

Unfortunately I haven't found any Phalaris in Hattushah (central Anatolia), Samarkand or Balkh/Bactria. In the latter two cases it was most probably due to the fact that all grass-like herbs were already grazed away by livestock and especially in Afghanistan I couldn't fully "poursuivre ma recherche" due to security concerns (the very day I was walking around in Balkh the nearby city Mazar Sharif was subject to biggest terrorist attacks after period of peace ;( )

Also I would like to add that with exception of Eleusis, in all five locations I mentioned above, Peganum Harmala (i.e. Harmel) was easily available be it on the bazar, in the shops, or simply growing around. Thus I consider the goal of my voyage - i.e. to "find a place where Phalaris and Harmel occur side by side" - as accomplished.

What's more, I believe that patterns found on ceramic fragments from location 5 (i.e. a cave monastery of Kushan buddhists located near the Amudarya river on a very border between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, in the proximity of a Termez city) add some further evidence for my hypothesis.

If ever I'll succeed to manage to get back to Paris, it may be the case that I would possibly like to write a Master Memoire (possibly for Sciences Religieus section @ EPHE?) defending the hypothesis. Not that I would believe that Harmala/Phalaris combination was the only Soma that ever was (such a vision of things is, of course, false), but my contact with diverse regimes had let me to persuasion that it is of utmost importance to awaken the interest in possibly entheogenic origins of preislamic Persian culture, for the only way how certain complexes of thoughts can be disrupted is...from within

I hope that some data hereby presented may be useful to You for sometimes it wasn't completely evident to obtain it.

Yours cordially

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