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Hi Douglas,
is easier for me to do corrections and to put maps here as well than on Fb, will do it asap. But im still not sure which trail you want to go back..

Here is the plan, so after few corrections you can send it to the rest/thx for help btw/..

Start at the parking lot in Trangoska and ascend up the valley of Trangoska following the green hiking mark. Passing by the information centre enter the old forest road, which leads along the Bystrianka brook. It becomes steeper at the point where a sheep farm, reffered to as lower used to stand..

The path ascends in spruce forest to the former upper sheep fram. Passing aboveit we will reach the head of the valley with thick dwarf pine forest, it means we have entered karstic territory. In the side trough on the southern side of the valley is the entrance to the wellknown cave called 'Cave of the death bats/jaskyna mrtych netopierov'. The final part of the ascent leads up on debris and welltrodden stony path. The path traverses to the sharp little crest of the Velky Gapel. The gen. MR Stefanika cottage /1728m/ is within sight.

From this point we have several options, personally i would prefer to start to the north-west on a ascending hiking road, which runs on the southern slope/see the link attached/ of the Dumbier.

Then we will reach crossroads 'Na Krupovom sedle', where is red, blue and green marking. Its up to you now, how you want to continue, surely lot of things depend about the weather, in case of rain the shortest way down is to leave ascent at this crossroad, turn on the blue traverse leading to Kosodrevina and use the chair lift to Srdiecko..

Hopefully i will get coordinates /gpx&kml/ tomorrow evening, will send you straight away..

See you next week.



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