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'socialne' sietove projekty:

43places [robot co-op, 2005]
"43 places helps you make a list of the great places you want to visit and share stories and photos of the places you've been."

crowdsurfer [smallplanet, 2004]
"crowdsurfer uses your mobile phone or pda's bluetooth radio signal as "radar" to find friends, friends of friends, people with similar interests, and/or any other users.

dodgeball [dennis crowley, alex rainert, 2004]
"enabling you to broadcast your whereabouts to friends by sending a text message stating your location"

geocaching [jeremy irish, 2000]
"the basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. gps users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches."

mates [ayush agarwal, adam herscher, jeff powers, 2005]
"our objective in creating mates has been to build an open infrastructure to introduce and connect individuals based on the intersection of physical location and other properties they might have in common."

openstreetmap [steve coast, 2004]
"openstreetmap is a free editable map of the whole world. it is made by people like you."

platial [di-ann eisnor, jason wilson, 2006]
"platial enables anyone to find, create and use meaningful maps of places that matter to them. we hope it can connect people, neighborhoods, cities and countries through a citizen-driven common context that goes beyond geopolitical boundaries."

plazes [stefan kellner, felix petersen, 2004]
"plazes is the first global location-aware interaction and geo-information system, connecting you with the people and plazes in your area and all over the world. it is the navigation system for your social life."

rabble [intercasting, 2005]
"first, create your mobile channel on rabble. your channel contains your blog, pictures, profile, favorite places, events and anything else you want to use to express yourself. then connect with the world around you. using a simple search interface, you'll find other channels to connect with."

sinister [cassandra rand, georgia n. underwood, annina rüst, 2006]
"sinister is a platform on the internet for sinister social networking. like other "normal" popular social networks, sinister offers all the amenities of social networking: chat, invites and even phone services."

socialight [kamida, 2005]
"socialight is a platform that allows people to connect with others in their social network by using mobile telephone handsets."

streethive [wavemarket, 2004]
"streethive is a new, free service for your mobile phone and the web that combines social networking, mobile blogging, and geographic location."