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    frwolf 03.05.2005 - 11:57:28 level: 1 UP New
    Plny text manifestu Teda Kaczynskeho, alias Unabombera

    Theodore Kaczynski, PhD was no poseur. He wasn't one of those fake Luddites, who only claim to hate modern technology but can't go three days without HBO. Ted practiced what he preached. You have to give him that.

    The Unabomber's manifesto, submitted to Penthouse magazine and a couple of newspapers, identified a bunch of pet peeves: overcrowding, dissociation from nature, social conformity, rapid pace of technological change, consumerism, corporate domination, etc.

    Ted was a true believer. He cranked out that diatribe in a one-room, 10-by-12 plywood shack situated on 1.4 acres of Montana forest. The cabin had no electricity or plumbing. He used a manual typewriter.

    Oh! Did I mention that he killed a bunch of people over the years with homemade bombs? Aw, shit. Well, he did.


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    Militantny Autizmus 03.11.2004 - 19:01:23 level: 1 UP [1K] New
    COIL manifesto, 1983

    COIL is a hidden universal. A code. A key for which the WHOLE does not exist. Is NONEXISTENT, in silence and secrecy. A spell. A spiral. A serpents SHt round a female cycle. A whirlwind. A double helix. DNA. Electricity and elementals. Atonal noise, and brutal poetry.

    COIL is amorphous. Luminous and constant change. Inbuilt obSOLescence. Inbuilt Disobedience. A vehicle for obsessions. Dreamcycles in perpetual motion. We are cutthroats. Infantile. Immaculately Conceived. Dis-eased. The Virus is Khaos. The cure is Delirium.

    COIL are Archangels of KHAOS. The price we pay for existence is eternal Warfare. There is a hidden coil of strength, dormant beneath the sediment of convention. Dreams lead us under the surface, over the edge, to the Delerium state. UNCHAINED. Past impositions and false universals. Reassembling into OUR order.

    COIL. Who has the nerve to dream, create and kill, while the whole moves every part stands still. Our rationale is the irrationAL. Hallucination is the truth our graves are dug with. COIL is compulsion. URGE and construction. Dead letters fall from our shedding skins. Kabbala and KHAOS. Thanatos and Thelema. Archangels and Antichrists. Open and Close. Truth and Deliberation. Traps and Disorientation.

    Coil exist between Here and Here. We are Janus Headed. Plural. Out of time. Out of place. Out of Spite. An antidote for when people become poisons.

    COIL know how to destroy Angels. How to paralyse. Imagine the world in a bottle. We take the bottle, smash it, and open your throat with it. I warn you we are Murderous. We massacre the logical revolts. We know everything! We know one thing only. Absolute existence, absolute motion, absolute direction, absolute Truth. NOW, HERE, US.

    "Not Knowing What Is And Is Not
    Knowing, I Knew Not"
    Hassan i Sabbah
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    prihoda 03.11.2004 - 15:31:28 level: 1 UP New
    A HACKER MANIFESTO [version 4.0]
    McKenzie Wark


    01. There is a double spooking the world, the double of abstraction. The fortunes of states and armies, companies and communities depend on it. All contending classes - the landlords and farmers, the workers and capitalists - revere yet fear the relentless abstraction of the world on which their fortunes yet depend. All the classes but one. The hacker class.

    02. Whatever code we hack, be it programming language, poetic language, math or music, curves or colourings, we create the possibility of new things entering the world. Not always great things, or even good things, but new things. In art, in science, in philosophy and culture, in any production of knowledge where data can be gathered, where information can be extracted from it, and where in that information new possibilities for the world are produced, there are hackers hacking the new out of the old. While hackers create these new worlds, we do not possess them. That which we create is mortgaged to others, and to the interests of others, to states and corporations who control the means for making worlds we alone discover. We do not own what we produce - it owns us.

    03. And yet we don't quite know who we are. While we recognise our distinctive existence as a group, as programmers, as artists or writers or scientists or musicians, we rarely see these ways of representing ourselves as mere fragments of a class experience that is still struggling to express itself as itself, as expressions of the process of producing abstraction in the world. Geeks and freaks become what they are negatively, through their exclusion by others. Hackers are a class, but an abstract class, a class as yet to hack itself into manifest existence as itself.

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    prihoda 03.11.2004 - 12:25:52 level: 1 UP New

    Who we and what we want

    socialize knowledge,
    without creating power

    To start with, we want everything.

    Our objective is to liberate spaces on the web where we can discuss and work on two levels: on the one hand, the right to and need for free communication privacy, anonimity and access to telematic resources; on the other, projects linked to social reality.

    The realization of an independent server seems to us to be a good point of departure to reach our goals.

    We believe that communication must be free - and free - and, therefore, universally accessible.
    We are working a it, by offering web space, email, mailing lists and chat to individuals and projects in line with those needs, outside the commercial logic of offering services and spaces for payment, welcoming all those who reject the globalizing cultural and media censorship that is ci viene preconfezionato e venduto.

    The space and services on this server are not intended for commercial activities (directly or indirectly) or for use by organized religion or political parties; or, in short, by anyone who already has the means of disseminating their ideas, or who use the concept of delegation (explicitly or implicitly) to manage their relationships and projects.

    The right to and need for privacy and anonimity must be respected.
    We guarantee that we keep no weblogs, that we do not ask for personal information in exchange for services, and that we will do everything to maintain our anonymous remailer, anonymizer and everything else that ensures the privacy and confidentiality of your comunications.

    Knowledge and resources grow through sharing. That is why we encourage the systematic, organized and completely free diffusion of cultural material, self-productions and documentation, and why we fight against traditional copyright and support the adoption free and open-source software.

    Inventati seeks to reproduce digitally issues that are part of reality: through websites, or by creating forums for discussion which are not limited by physical space (e.g. through creation of mailing lists).

    Autistici, instead, has a technical basis and arises from a passion for understanding the tools used for exposing the politics implicit in telematics; these tools are created in the digital world, but that doesn't mean they don't have a political impact.
    We start with the tools, but use them to very precise political ends, in both the digital world and the real world. The rights listed above are one example of the political issues that interest the internet.

    We believe that means of communication should not be the exclusivce domain of information professionals. We believe in the value of self-maagement: this is why we have no sponsors or funding of any other type, apart from voluntary subscriptions by those who believe that this project is important. None of us earns a cent from this project (in fact, the opposite...).

    The technical and political aspects of the use of our server are decided together, with the maximum trasparency possible, through mailing list dicussions. We have no coordinator, and no spokesperson, and decisions are not reached by voting.